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Brain Injury Blog




Brain Injury Blog

Our brain injury services, delivered by Positive Developments and Brain injury Assist, provide a wide range of services for people living with the outcome of brain injury and stroke.

The effects of a brain injury can be as varied and as unique as the individuals who sustain them. Since brain injuries occur in different areas of the brain with varying degrees of severity, no two people will be affected in the same way. Just as no two people are alike, no two brain injuries are alike.

Some of the more common effects of a brain injury are changes in memory, concentration, response time, planning and problem solving, initiative, flexibility, insight, impulsivity, control of anger, lack of control over their lives, emotional instability, and depression. The social consequences of a brain injury can be devastating. Many people report losing family, friends and having difficulty cultivating and maintaining new relationships after their brain injury.

It takes a unique individual to work in this field. They must have an array of skills. They need to be able to adapt well to situations, and be very creative with their approaches. They need to be neutral, supportive and creative.

A BIG thanks to our amazing staffing team for all their hard work and dedication.