Positive Developments Participant

“Positive Developments Ltd. is just that. Supporting and encouraging the acceptance of being where I am right now. Assisting me to discover how I wish to live and how to run my world to minimize feeling anxious or chaotic. When fears come up, they find ways of supporting me to move through that. Reminding me that I can and have solved perceived problems perfectly and look….remembers this was how you already solved that!

Positive Developments is a sounding block for reality. Does it make sense to say it this way? Does it make sense to insist on this? Positive Developments helps me identify problems in my physical environment. Are you finding this a problem (busy patterned curtains)? Oh that’s why I wanted to move out of my apartment! We work on solutions to organizing and retrieval of physical parts of my life that appear difficult for me. Then find the best ways to pattern it into my awareness so that it becomes more automatic. Positive Developments helped me find my way of living.”


Supports for Community Living Participant

“When I came to Canada, my friend suggested to me a few organizations to help brain injured persons. One of those organizations was Positive Developments . I am a brain injured lady. I thought there was no more hope from anybody. but I said, “let us try Positive Developments”. It has made a miracle in my life. Positive Developments has given me a jewel friend like Trudy. Trudy is working for Positive Developments SCL Program. She taught me how to make my home budget. I did not know how to use the dollar for the shopping cart, and she taught me how to do it. She also taught me how to use the bank card, talk in the bank and the post office.

She has taught me gardening, cleaning, ironing, and computer skills. She is so patient and kind and has taught me in sweet loving and encouraging words. Whatever I need for my daily life, she is making me feeling more confident about that. I am really thankful to Positive Developments to make me feel good about myself. It gave me more confidence in the work inside and outside the home. I know that nobody will tell me that I am a brain injured person, because I am as good as a normal person. This miracle happens in my life only because of SCL. It changed my life. I pray to God, I should get Positive Developments Support throughout my life and may God give long life to SCL. I wish that each brain injured person should get support from Positive Developments.

My best wishes to SCL.”

– Sushama


Supports for Community Living Participant

“I am (daily) mindfully grateful to Brain Injury Services and to the warm, lovely souls who provide this practical, flexible, meaningful service! Before referral to BIS, fatigue and confusion severely limited my life. BIS is lead by Michele Brooks, who is so naturally warm and capable! She’s a perfect Team-leader to a wonderful group of like-minded service-providers – all gems! And as for the effectiveness of my own connection with “Sue”: her perfect skill-set and personality, along with my desires to expand my horizons, have opened to me a gloriously active, rich life! Steady support increased my courage to venture into out-door pursuits, bringing greatly increased clarity and stamina, which led to more courage and sociality … more encouragement flowing from now expanded horizons.

My sense of security and confidence, greatly devastated by the injury and absence of family involvement, have radically improved due to the practical support BIS and Sue have provided! Sue has acted as a superb substitute for family … enabling me to push ahead with confidence. Where I once was home-bound, I now enjoy a rich, satisfying life!

These are very deeply appreciated, practical blessings I now enjoy …. due solely to BIS and a very capable team! My finances may be small … but my soul feels … so rich!! My deepest, heart-felt gratitude to this glorious Agency and its superb Team!!”

– L.M